About YHAI...

The Youth Hostels Association of India (YHAI) is a charitable organisation, providing hostel accommodation in India.

Having its roots in Germany, the concept of youth hostels was started by Richard Schirrmann in 1909. In the last century, it has spread across the globe making hostelling a popular model for lodging. The movement is based on two basic urges in the youth - love for the unknown, which includes desire for adventure and the desire to make friends.

YHAI is an associate member of the Hostelling International (U.K.), which has the world’s largest network of 4500 + Youth Hostels in 90 countries across the globe, and, world’s largest youth membership organization. Today, YHAI operates in 23 State Branches in India, with more than 300 units. Moreover, it has crossed 100,000 lifetime members.

As its charitable objective YHAI stated it as:
Our Mission is to enable and promote travel, tourism, adventure spirit, national integration and Education & health by providing hostels of good standards to millions of youth of limited means during their travel at affordable rates on a sustainable basis and by organizing adventure and educational events and to develop understanding among youth about social & developmental issues.