Trekking cum Training Programs

Note: We at YHAI Mumbai Unit are only responsible for organizing local treks in the region of Sahyadri. Please note, we do not provide any hostelling facilities by ourselves. For any information related to hostelling within and outside India, please touch base with the YHAI Maharashtra State branch on +91 22 2412 6004  or YHAI National branch on +91 11 2611 3469.

Trekking cum Training Program - Winter schedule 2019

Its time for the chilly winters post the scorching heat of October and to make it more exciting are the trekking and training programs of the Mumbai unit...

Please refer to the booking procedures followed at the unit level -

217) Trekking cum training program
*Nagphani to Umberkhind - Lonavala Region
Date: 16th December 2018
Leaders: Archana Thakur (0-98191 55623) & Digambar Raut (0-98693 74378)
Expense: INR 800
Grade: Easy
Number of participants: 20

218) Trekking cum training program
*Dhodap fort - Nashik Region
Date: 05-06th January 2019
Leaders: Siddhesh Naik (0-99203 67020) & Juilee Angachekar (0-99203 71202)
Expense: INR1,600
Number of participants: 20

219) Trekking cum training program
Ratangad fort to Harischandragad fort range trek - Malshej Region
Date: 11-13th January 2019
Leaders: Sachin Karkhanis (0-98338 14699) & Saurabh Raul (0-99670 06637)
Expense: INR 2,000
Number of participants: 20

220) Trekking cum training program
*Nhavigad fort - Satana Region
Date: 26-27th January 2019
Leaders: Satish Rajput (0-99695 54768) & Mangesh Dhaimade (0-98331 15324)
Expense: INR 1,500
Grade: Medium
Number of participants: 20

221) Cycling cum training program
Forts of Mumbai
Date: 17th February 2019
Leaders: Chetan Udeshi (0-98192 62750) & Archana Thakur (0-98191 55623)
Expense: INR 150
Grade: Medium
Number of participants: 20

222) Trekking cum training program
Makrandgad fort -Satara Region
Date: 22nd-23rd February 2019
Leaders: Chetan Udeshi (0-98192 62750) & Sachin Karkhanis (0-98338 14699) 
Expense: TBA
Grade: Medium
Number of participants: 20

223) Trekking cum training program
Rock climbing & rappelling session - Mumbra Nursery
Date: 03rd March 2019
Leaders: Milind Thakur (0-98200 43368) & Deepak Matkar (0-98198 25297)
Expense: INR 200
Grade: Easy
Number of participants: 20

224) Trekking cum training program
*Khanderi & Underi sea forts - Alibaug Region
Date: 10th March 2019
Leaders: Ganesh Nabar (0-98207 55102)Saurabh Raul (0-99670 06637)
Expense: TBA
Grade: Medium
Number of participants: 20


All events are exclusive for YHAI members only. Members of YHAI through Mumbai Unit shall be given first preference for all bookings.

Private vehicle will be booked for all events marked with asterisks (*). Confirm your seats five (5) days prior to the program date.

More details about the events can be obtained from the leaders.

Cancellation Policy:

*Bookings for all events open fourteen (14) days in advance.

*Bookings cancelled seven (7) days before the program, 50% of the payment will be forfeited. 

*Bookings cancelled three (3) days before the program, 75% of the payment will be forfeited.

*Bookings cancelled one (1) day before the program, 100% of the payment will be forfeited.

Kindly Remember:

*For all treks, confirm your seats with the trek leader/co-leader.
*Bookings for all treks shall close two (2) days in advance. In case of treks marked with asterisk (*), the bookings shall close five days prior. Bookings shall be strictly done on First come, first served basis.
*In case of treks where private vehicle is booked, any cancellation by the participants three (3) days before the trek they won't be able to claim refund.

Following are the bare essentials:

1. Carry your YHAI membership card while attending any program. YHAI, Mumbai Unit members will be given preference for bookings.
2. Consumption of alcohol, smoking, chewing of tobacco, intoxication of any kind is strictly prohibited. 
3. Trek leaders decision will be final and binding to all participants. Leaders shall have the authority to alter the program/route without intimation.
4. When on treks, participants are requested not to wander off from the trail. Always listen to leaders for instructions and wait for the entire group to join before moving ahead.
5. YHAI, Mumbai Unit is committed to keep the trails clean and urges all participants to help this cause by not littering. Keep all the waste with you and deposit it at the base village. If you come across any non-perishable waste on the trail, please collect and deposit it at the base.
6. Participants must inform the leaders about any ailments. Participants must inform if they suffer from heart ailments, asthama, blood pressure or any other medical condition. If the leader is not informed and any untoward incident occurs, neither the leader nor the unit is responsible for the same.
7. Participants must inform their parents/guardians/friends not to worry if they do not reach home on schedule due to unforeseen circumstances, unless there is an extraordinary delay.
8. Unit is not responsible for any accident/mishap during the program.
9. For one day treks: Rucksack, trekking shoes, one time lunch, water, torch, cap, personal medicines, extra pair of clothes (in plastic bag during monsoons).
10. For overnight treks: Rucksack, trekking shoes, one time lunch/dinner, water, glass, spoon, plate, torch, cap, personal medicines, extra pair of clothes (in plastic bag during monsoons), carry mat, sleeping bags, chaddar, warm clothing/shawl etc.
11. Preferably wear full sleeves teeshirts and full track pants. Shorts are not allowed.
12. If for some reason the expense exceeds, participants are required to bear the additional costs.
13. For more information regarding the programs, please contact the leaders.

For more information, please contact:

Mr. Rahul Sao: 0-93228 76338                      Mr. Ganesh Nabar: 0-98207 55102
Mr. Digambar Raut: 0-98693 74378               Mr. Milind Thakur: 0-98200 43368  
Mr. Chetan Udeshi: 0-98192 62750               Ms. Archana Thakur: 0-98191 55623
Mr. Siddhesh Naik: 0-99203 67020                Mr. Sachin Karkhanis: 0-98338 14699
Mr. Atul Raibagkar: 0-99690 84901               Ms. Juilee Angachekar: 0-99203 71202